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Review writing is a process of analysis and summarizing precise materials on a given topic. It is not a personal reasoning, essay or research paper. It is but the synthesis of inferences and attainments of some books, articles or the results of some general situation analysis, which provides precise understanding, facts, and the consequences realization and alleviates deducing.

The most common types of the reviews you can order from Elite Papers are the following:

Book Reviews – provides the reader with limited summary information that reflects strict reviewer's principal focus. It does not give plot details instead it focuses on personal evaluation of the book where short summaries are used to make the reader understand the writer's position. You have a great opportunity to order original custom book reviews and get the high-quality book review.

Literature Reviews – provide an overview of the current knowledge on some subjects by researching the already available literature on the necessary topic or question. Literature reviews can appear independently or as the part of another document. When the review is the part of the document, its function is to provide a context to the research or discussion that will be presented later in the document. Literature reviews are, usually, concerned with the latest available information and most useful for the rest of the document. They require good summarizing and paraphrasing skills either it is an independent or the part of some document.

Movie Reviews – provides an evaluation for the available information of film analysis and criticism. It requires not only searching the available and already created analysis and releases on the movie but also watching a movie and personally responding to it. The reviewer selects the specific idea and reviews all available resources and then presents the findings or reviews to the reader. Movie reviews are the most complicated task. Author must take into account such peculiarities as work of directors, actors, decorators, musicians, etc.

Article Reviews – provides a summary of the assigned article or the list of articles for some topic along with the reviewer reflection and general evaluation. Article reviews use the information from the different periods of time. Article reviews can be written as an independent paper or be the part of the other document.