Harness Vs collar:  Which one is perfect for your Dog?

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Harness Vs collar
Harness Vs collar :Which one is perfect for your Dog?

Dog collars and harness are for training and walking dogs. All dog owners what the best for their dogs and that why this question is common when deciding what to use between collar and harness.

In this article, we will highlight the pros and cons of using each of them. Kindly note that this post does not discourage using any of the two.

Dog Harness

Dog Harness is H-shaped equipment that can be made of leather or nylon. Snap-fit –buckles fasten the straps around the pet chest and belly area. They are used to control your dog while walking.

Most dog experts prefer dog harness because when the dog exerts tension on the leash, the weight is equally distributed throughout the chest and belly area. Therefore, reducing pressure on the neck.

They are best for use with dogs that have neck or throat problems. There are several types of dogs harness and depending on your preferences; you can find a perfect one for your dog.

 Dog collar

A dog collar is a material that you tie around the dog’s neck. They have various uses e.g. dog identification, control, fashion etc.

To control your dog especially when walking, you have to add a leash to the dog collar. There are different types of dog collars and leashes on the market. Make sure you do some research before going to a pet store to buy.

Dog collars are perfect for training or walking with your dog because you can easily pull your dog, making a tight collar. The dog will immediately stop and pay attention to you.

Dog collars are not suitable for dogs that have throat problems. Picking the best dog-training collar you must consider the following factors:

  • Dog neck size.
  • Collar material.
  • Customizable collar.

Comparison between harness and collar


Dog control

Dog harness offers little control when it comes to bad dog behaviors. Using a harness it can be hard to control your dog when he pulls. Dog collars perfectly fit in here. They are best for controlling dogs that pull and jump. When dogs exert pressure on the leash, the collar chokes them if you pull them back.


A harness is more comfortable on the dog than the collars. Collars hang on the dog neck meaning more pressure in one area, whereas harness straps go round a big area, therefore, less pressure concentration in one place.


It is more convenient to put a dog collar on the neck that it is when it comes to a dog harness. For people with big dogs, it is even more hectic putting on the harness especially if it is the first time.

Some dog collars have a quick on and off buckles that are easy to strap on your dog neck.

Size of the dog.

For smaller dogs, a harness is the best because they will be more comfortable, i.e. they can breathe well. Strong and big dogs, which pulls, needs collars because they will be choked when they pull.



Both dog collars and harness comes in different styles, materials, shapes, and colors. Whichever you pick between the two, you have a wide variety of each type.

Each of the above, dog harness and collar is none is more perfect than the other one but depends on your dog size and behavior.

Whichever you choose, kindly let us know by leaving a comment.



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