How to Ride an Electric Scooter: A Guide for Beginner

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How to Ride an Electric Scooter: A Guide for Beginner
How to Ride an Electric Scooter: A Guide for Beginner

Congratulations for buying your first electric scooter! It’s now time that you learn how to ride it like a pro.

There are a variety of electric scooters on the market and each of the scooters has its own precaution tips and guide. If it’s your first time to ride an electric scooter, you need to get all the necessary tips that will assist you to ride it smoothly and avoid any accident from occurring. It will teach you on how to balance on electric scooter for commuting and learning to ride an electric scooter.

This guide provides the necessary tips that can assist you to ride your scooter safely.

Electric Scooter Riding Tips: Step by Step

Are electric scooters hard to ride? I believe that electric scooters are not hard to ride. It’s just like riding a bike. Just follow the guide and you’re going to enjoy a safe and revitalizing ride on your scooter.

Step 1: Place your electric scooter’s wheels down on a flat ground. Always try to be gentle and never intend to rush your scooter. Also, wear safety gears such as helmets.

Step 2: Unlock the electric scooter by pressing a switch or activating a key. There are other electric scooters that don’t have any locking structure and that is okay.

Step 3: Ensure that the kickstand has not popped up. Most new riders forget about it

Step 4: Turn on the electric scooter by pressing the button. There are advanced scooters with a LED display that can assist you to notice the hub and you can be able to see all the activities happening in your scooter.

Step 5: The next thing to ensure that your scooter is moving is to engage the throttle that is normally located on the right side of the handlebars for various electric scooters. The throttle will take you to your destination.

Step 6: Don’t engage the throttle if you’ve not familiarized well with the break system of your scooter. Most scooters have extremely sensitive breaks that are mainly used for emergency stops and tight corners. If you hit the accelerator faster, you may end up flying off and fall for an accident.

Things to consider while riding

  • Avoiding Accidents

Safety is of paramount significance when you’re riding your electric scooter. Thus, you need to ride your scooter and ensure that you go home and back safely. It is also essential that you teach your kids on tips of avoiding accidents when they’re riding their best electric scooters for kids.

  • Ride it alone and don’t bring another person with you. Most electric scooter can’t handle the weight of more than a single individual. Therefore, you’re advised to ride it alone or you risk falling for an accident.
  • Don’t try to do turns in the air and stunts on your scooter or stick it with other cars as they’re light and can’t handle the unwanted pressure.
  • Don’t permit your friends to push you from the back when you’re riding as it may cause you to lose control and cause an accident.
  • Always follow traffic restrictions and rules of your locality for safe riding
  • Ride slowly and avoid becoming a pro rider overnight
  • Riding during the rainy season is not advisable as it is slippery and you can easily fall.
  • If you insist on riding during the rainy seasons, you need to be very careful when you’re passing through the rail line as they’re made up of metal that slips easily when its wet.

Check the Condition of the Scooter

  • Before going for a ride, you should double check the situations of your tires
  • If the scooter comes with a screen or visor, ensure that it is kept clear all the time
  • Stay focused at all the time and be careful on the roads
  • Use the rear brakes
  • Utilize the breaks gently
  • Try to clean your scooter before you ride it

Stay Calm and Relaxed

  • Never panic in any situation but instead stay calm and relaxed while on the road. In case of an accident, don’t try to protect your scooter but always ensure that you look at away of falling off without injuring yourself.
  • Always wear safety gears while riding.
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Tips of diabetic foot care

How to take care of your foot: 14 Tips of Diabetic Foot Care

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There is no doubt that diabetes can be perilous to your feet and even a small cut can create severe consequences. Diabetes can result to nerve destruction that takes away the feeling in your legs and feet. High sugar blood in your nerves can lessen blood flow in your feet making it difficult to resist infection or heal injury. It can also reduce the circulation of blood in your feet making it harder for injuries to heal. The non-healing wound or infection can expose you at a risk of an amputation. To evade grave foot challenges that could result in losing a foot, leg, or toe, follow these guidelines:

  1. Examine your feet daily

There is no day that should pass without inspecting your feet. It is essential that you check for swelling, cuts, redness, blisters, or nail challenges. If you cannot see your feet well, you can use a mirror or ask a friend to help you see the condition of your feet. In case you notice anything unusual, you should immediately call your doctor.

  1. Wash your feet in lukewarm water

It is essential that you keep your feet clean by washing them daily. Use lukewarm water that is never hot to clean your feet. The water should have the temperature that you would use to bathe newborn kid.

  • Be gentle when washing your feet

Wash your feet using a soft sponge or washcloth. Dry by patting or blotting and cautiously dry between your toes.

  1. Moisturize your feet but never between your toes

It is important that you use a moisturizer every day to keep dry skin from cracking or itching. Nonetheless, don’t moisturize between the toes that could hearten a fungal disease.

  1. Cut your nails cautiously

Trim your nails straight across and file the edges. As you cut your nails ensure that you don’t trim them short as it could result to ingrown toenails. In case you have issues with your nails, consult your doctor.

  1. Never treat calluses or corns by yourself

Visit your doctor for essential treatment and don’t perform bathroom surgery for yourself that can result in problems.

  • Wear clean and dry socks

Change your diabetic socks daily and ensure you always wear some clean and dry ones. It is vital that you shun from wearing regular socks and you consider socks that are specifically made for diabetics. The shocks are made with additional padding and made from fiber that wick moisture away from the skin.

  • Wear your socks to bed

There is a possibility that your feet can get cold at night. If that the case, never use a hot water bottle or a heating pad but instead wear socks.

  1. Before wearing your diabetic shoes, check them well.

It is possible that your feet may be insensitive that they may not be capable of feeling a pebble or other foreign object. Thus, you need to inspect your footwear before you put them on.

  1. Keep your feet dry and warm

Don’t allow your feet to get wet in rain or snow. Wear diabetic socks and shoes during winter.

  1. Never walk barefoot

There is a possibility that you’re at home and you feel that you’re secure that you can comfortably walk barefoot. It is important that you always wear your diabetic slippers for men whether you’re in the house or in the garden to avoid stepping on something that can cut or scratch your legs.

  • Control your blood sugar

Always ensure that you keep your blood sugar under check and control

  • Don’t smoke

Smoking restricts the flow of blood in your feet and it is not encouraged. Thus, work to make sure that you quit smoking.

  • Get Foot Examination

Lastly, it is important that you book an appointment with your ankle and foot surgeon who should see you on a regular basis and help to prevent diabetic foot complications.

Final Thought

Taking care of your foot is necessary especially when you’re diabetic. It is a continuous activity and should be done daily to ensure that your feet stay healthy. The article has offered essential tips that you should use to keep your legs and feet from complications that can lead to amputations. If you follow the tips, you will have healthy foot with less or no pain.



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Harness Vs collar:  Which one is perfect for your Dog?

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Harness Vs collar
Harness Vs collar :Which one is perfect for your Dog?

Dog collars and harness are for training and walking dogs. All dog owners what the best for their dogs and that why this question is common when deciding what to use between collar and harness.

In this article, we will highlight the pros and cons of using each of them. Kindly note that this post does not discourage using any of the two.

Dog Harness

Dog Harness is H-shaped equipment that can be made of leather or nylon. Snap-fit –buckles fasten the straps around the pet chest and belly area. They are used to control your dog while walking.

Most dog experts prefer dog harness because when the dog exerts tension on the leash, the weight is equally distributed throughout the chest and belly area. Therefore, reducing pressure on the neck.

They are best for use with dogs that have neck or throat problems. There are several types of dogs harness and depending on your preferences; you can find a perfect one for your dog.

 Dog collar

A dog collar is a material that you tie around the dog’s neck. They have various uses e.g. dog identification, control, fashion etc.

To control your dog especially when walking, you have to add a leash to the dog collar. There are different types of dog collars and leashes on the market. Make sure you do some research before going to a pet store to buy.

Dog collars are perfect for training or walking with your dog because you can easily pull your dog, making a tight collar. The dog will immediately stop and pay attention to you.

Dog collars are not suitable for dogs that have throat problems. Picking the best dog-training collar you must consider the following factors:

  • Dog neck size.
  • Collar material.
  • Customizable collar.

Comparison between harness and collar


Dog control

Dog harness offers little control when it comes to bad dog behaviors. Using a harness it can be hard to control your dog when he pulls. Dog collars perfectly fit in here. They are best for controlling dogs that pull and jump. When dogs exert pressure on the leash, the collar chokes them if you pull them back.


A harness is more comfortable on the dog than the collars. Collars hang on the dog neck meaning more pressure in one area, whereas harness straps go round a big area, therefore, less pressure concentration in one place.


It is more convenient to put a dog collar on the neck that it is when it comes to a dog harness. For people with big dogs, it is even more hectic putting on the harness especially if it is the first time.

Some dog collars have a quick on and off buckles that are easy to strap on your dog neck.

Size of the dog.

For smaller dogs, a harness is the best because they will be more comfortable, i.e. they can breathe well. Strong and big dogs, which pulls, needs collars because they will be choked when they pull.



Both dog collars and harness comes in different styles, materials, shapes, and colors. Whichever you pick between the two, you have a wide variety of each type.

Each of the above, dog harness and collar is none is more perfect than the other one but depends on your dog size and behavior.

Whichever you choose, kindly let us know by leaving a comment.



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What is the best way to improve your golf game?

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Best way to improve your golf game
Best way to improve your golf game

Golf rewards hard work and commitment. There is no doubt that if a person commits to the sport he will improve in the game and can easily become a pro golfer. I have been training people and I feel that improving your handicap or skills doesn’t necessarily mean to spend infinite hours on the golf course. Here is a list of the best ways to enhance your golf game.

11 Tips of becoming a better Golfer

Practice – it is important to practice but it is more important if you can practice a good swing. Take some few lessons from a professional golfer and slowly practice what he has taught you. If you can’t afford lessons, it’s not a good reason not to practice as you can watch lessons from the golf channel and on YouTube.

Play More – Be on the golf course a lot more than you do. The more you play the more you become consistent and help to enhance your game. Carry your golf bag and hit the course and you will definitely improve your game.

Scrutinize the Game – Check on issues such as where your strokes go and which part of your game do you need to improve to make your handicap better. The swing is a nice technique to check as you try to improve your game.

Watch Golf Videos and Read Golf Books – The resources helps to improve your attitude and concentration and helps you to improve your game. Also, you will get advice on how to manage the pressure while playing and focus on playing well.

Manage your Grip Pressure – A golfer would definitely have arm tension and grip pressure while playing and being able to relax will help you play your game well. Also, loosen up before taking the next round as this helps you to unwind and forget about the bad shots.

Set-up – There are numerous times where students will have a problem in their gold swing. The problem of most swing is on the set-up that results in poor results. Always ensure that your back is straight to permit for appropriate trunk rotation.

Alignment – It is vital to have an alignment where the line of your feet is equivalent to the line of your target. Afterward, ensure that your hips, knees, and shoulders are parallel to your feet.

Balance and Tempo – The Proper tempo helps to create a good balance and if you can finish a swing on the balance, you will have better results compared to when you’re falling off your balance during the swing.

Take an Extra Club – As you go to the golf course make sure that you leave your ego at home and carry an extra club. Swing the club 80% and it will help you improve in your balance starting to hit more solid shots.

Swing the Club severally – A pro golfer will swing the golf club severally before hitting the ball while amateurs will be I a hurry to hit the ball. Swing the golf club through the ball to a pleasing finish.

Never keep your head down – As you make your swing, ensure that you keep your head up through the golf swing and let your body twist through to the mark.

Final Thought

Improving your golf skills will take time and practice. The more you practice the more you improve your game and become a better player. The aforementioned 11 tips will help you become a better player in the golf course. Check at this comprehensive review of cheap golf bag under 100 for your game and start practicing.


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Human Services in the Criminal Justice System Trends Evaluation

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Write a 1,400-1,600-word paper in which you evaluate past, present, and future trends in the interface between human services and the criminal justice system and criminal justice connections with surrounding society. In your paper include the following:

Identify recent (within the last 10 years) and contemporary issues affecting human services provided within criminal justice system.

Identify at least two therapeutic trends that may affect future human services as provided within the criminal justice system.

Explain how these two issues and trends affect society.

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.

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ICT301 Advanced Network Topics, Management & Security

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Advanced Network Topics, Management & Security
Task 2
Semester 2, 2017
Assessment and Submission Details
Marks: 35% of the Total Assessment for the Course
Due Date: 9:00am Friday, Week 12
This assignment should be submitted using Blackboard. The submission link will be open a week before the due date. Please follow the submission instructions in Blackboard.
The assignment will be marked out of a total of 100 marks and forms 35% of the total assessment for the course. Once marked, ALL assignments will be checked for plagiarism and/or collusion between individuals.
Refer to your Course Outline or the Course Web Site for a copy of the “Student Misconduct, Plagiarism and Collusion” guidelines.
Note: Each student MUST retain a copy of the assignment and this copy MUST be produced within 24 hours of it being requested by the Course Co-ordinator. Failure to produce the second copy of the assignment when requested may result in loss of marks or a fail grade for the assignment.
Requests for an extension to an assignment MUST be made to the course coordinator prior to the date of submission and requests made on the day of submission or after the submission date will only be considered in exceptional circumstances.
STP limited have traditionally been cabinet makers in Wollongong from a factory that they own and Wollongong remains the head office. Sales have been going well and STP have recently bought competitors operations and premises in Bathurst and Lithgow. They have also opened a store in Sydney and in future they plan to open more. In Sydney, they have built a state of the art computerised manufacturing facility to produce cupboard and drawer fronts. The cupboard and drawer fronts are produced in three styles and come in an enormous range of colours which are produced to order. The new equipment means that they can produce the new fronts in less than a week and appreciable cheaper than other products on the market (around $1000 for a standard kitchen). STP has begun to sell a lot of cupboard and drawer fronts to people who want to update their kitchen without spending a lot of money. The cupboard and drawer fronts come complete with fixings and handles so that a home handyman could install them. However, not everyone can install the fronts themselves and STP is currently considering having vans carrying samples of their product and staffed by people who can install the products. These vans could act as salespoints as well as installers for the product. STP is not sure if they will run these vans themselves or offer than as a franchise opportunity for someone or a mix of these business models. The cost advantage as well as a high interest in home renovation has driven a lot of sales with a lot of enquiry from areas outside of the current STP locations. The owner Joe Smith, wants to take advantage of the capacity of the new machinery and pay for the machinery as quickly as possible.
As STP Limited have bought two existing stores and opened a new branch, there is a feeling that they have outgrown their current office arrangements. Currently, they do not run a lot of customer accounts rather the people ordering the cupboard and drawer fronts pay cash on ordering. However, as they are currently receiving a lot of enquiry from builders and developers they have had to implement customer accounts. STP Limited have also started a web site to showcase their products and publicise their range of products. Traditionally they have had a very rudimentary stock control system only carrying a small range of wood material, hinges and handles, however with the increase in sales they are now buying cupboard/ drawer material, hinges and handles in bulk and the stock system is not working particularly between branches. They are currently using on standard office software on standalone machines in each location.
The staff in the Bathurst and Lithgow offices have transferred from working with the previous owners and are used to working in small standalone locations with a limited range of products. They are therefore used to working with simple casual processes where they would mostly deal with builders and they would personally know a substantial proportion of customers. There are therefore no formal processes in place at these locations and limited processes in place in Wollongong and Sydney. Now they have retail people coming into the store wanting to talk about colours and styles of the cupboard and drawer fronts.
STP Limited had been running into problems where customers are ringing to check on the delivery of their order, which maybe as small as a replacement handle and the staff have to ring around all locations to see if one of the other locations have the parts in stock. There was also a problem where the system they have is showing the parts in stock and this is communicated to the customer but when the customer arrives at the store to pick up the items they find they are actually not in stock because they have been transferred to another location. There was also no means for the management to receive a report showing expenditure per location. In fact, there was limited ability to produce any reports.
They have upgraded their information systems, with a new stock control system, website and customer management system and accounting system. They have distributed databases in each location.
Stock control system – Currently trialling TradeGecko
Customer management system – SalesForce
Accounting system – MYOB (web-based)
Microsoft Office
They are also considering hiring salespeople at all the offices. Although Wollongong, has traditionally been the head office, Sydney sales are more than the other stores combined and continue to increase.
Each location has
• 2 to 4 counter staff handling sales and stock.
• A store manager.
• 2 to 4 desktop systems to handle point of sale transactions and an office machine.
Sydney office also contains:
• The owner (who travels regularly to the other stores)
• Accounts clerk
• Part time IT technician, who also has responsibility for the website.
• Part time accountant who works on special projects for the owner
• These people also have a machine, the owner, technician and accountant laptops, the accounts clerk a desktop.
Office Machine Age
Wollongong 2 warehouse machines 1 year old
2 warehouse machines 2 years old
2 laptops 3 years old
Accounts machine 1 years old
Sydney 4 warehouse and 1 management desktop
The new machinery for manufacturing comes with its own system and is all new. 6 months old
Bathurst 2 warehouse machines
(Desktops with POS software installed) 3 years old
1 office machine 6 months old
Lithgow 2 counter machines
(Desktops with POS software installed) 5 years old
1 office machine 6 months old
All networking equipment is newly purchased.
STP is not sure what equipment the van drivers will need.
The Internet connection is via ADSL and each office has a modem and switch. Wireless is also made available at each office and the staff are free to BYOD and connect to the network.
You are a new information systems manager hired by STP to help them achieve their strategic goals, their first project is that they are concerned about the business continuity of their network and their ability to keep client and organisational information secure. Most people in the organisation have very limited technical skills, however supporting the growth of their business and empowering their employees to exceed sales goals is a strategic goal of STP. It is important to the owner of STP that their information systems become more integrated to facilitate real time reporting. The owner of STP feels he has invested a great deal of money in the new equipment and systems and is anxious to protect his investment.
You have been requested to prepare a report by the owner, although he has limited technical knowledge he is extremely anxious to understand how his new systems will work together and that the system will comply with regulations, including privacy.
It is important to achieve well in this assignment that you discuss this networking project in particular and not network management and security in general.
This report should address the following issues and include the following sections in the main body of the report. Please note standard report structure must be adhered to.
1. Project Background which includes the following sub-sections
• Project Background
i. How is this project going to support the future growth of STP.
• Project scope
• Project goal
• Strategic alignment of project.
2. Network Security
• Securing data
• Mobile device security
3. Plan for hardware purchases.
4. Business continuity
5. Risk management
6. Conclusions
7. Recommendations

Assignment Requirements and Deliverables
The body of the report should be no less than two thousand (2000) words and it would be best to be no longer than four thousand (3000) words long.
• Appropriate referencing is required (both in-text and a bibliography). The textbook,
• Ciampa, M (2012), Security + Guide to Network Security Fundamentals , 5th edn, Cengage, Boston is a valid resource, however at least five (5) other good quality resources must also be used.
The report is to be prepared as a single Microsoft Word document adhering to all conventions detailed in Chapter 3 of:
Summers, J. and Smith, B., 2014, Communication Skills Handbook: How to succeed in written and oral communication, 4th, Wiley, Singapore
The completed assignment is to be submitted by the due date and is to include the following:
• One word document with electronic submission through safeassign.
The assignment will be assessed according to the marking sheet. Late submission of the assignment will result in a deduction of 10% of the available marks for each day that the assignment is late. Please note Saturday and Sunday are included in the count of days late.
Assignment Return and Release of Grades
Assignment grades will be available on the Blackboard web site with an electronic assignment marking sheet.
Where an assignment is undergoing investigation for alleged plagiarism or collusion the grade for the assignment and the assignment will be withheld until the investigation has concluded.
Appendix A
Marking Sheet for ICT301 S2.2017 Assignment 2
Student name:
Marking Criteria Maximum Marks Marks Obtained
ANSWERS Presentation of report
Professional communication (correct spelling, grammar, formal business language used)
1. Project background
2. Network security
3. Plan for hardware purchases
4. Business continuity
5. Risk management
Recommendations 5
Referencing 5
Total (I) = 100 0.0

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Assessment 2: Assessment (Report)

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Assessment 2: Assessment (Report)
Assessment Overview:
For this assessment you are required to research a nominated business topic using Survey Monkey and then write a business report. You will be responsible for presenting your report to the class on a nominated date.
Assignment instructions:
1. You will research target market users of Billabong to determine the demand and preference for their products
2. Draft 10 research questions and sending the survey to participants.
3. Create the survey instrument using Survey Monkey and conduct the research.
4. While waiting for participants to complete the survey, research business report writing formats.
5. Once you have at least 30 responses, write the report in business report format as detailed below.
Assignment requirements:
• You must include a minimum of 5 Journals, which you will refer to in the body of your report and have listed in your end text reference list. Referencing must be in the correct format using the APA format – both in-text and end-text.
• Line spacing of 1.5
• Size 12 Font, Times New Roman or Arial
• Margins of 2.5cm
• Footer with student name and number, unit name and assignment name.
• 2500 words minimum. The word count (not including the reference list) must be shown immediately following the conclusion and before the reference list.
• Submit your assignment to Turnitin. If it is not submitted to Turnitin by the due time you will be penalised by 5% per day (including weekends and public holidays) for 5 days after which time the allocated mark will be 0%.
o Title Page
o Contents page with page numbers and section numbering
o Footer with identification details – student name, report name, page numbers etc.
o Executive Summary (1/2 to 1 page only) GIVE A SHORT SUMMARY OF THE WHOLE REPORT!
o History and overview of Billabong as an organisation. (Provide a history of Billabong to the present day. The history is mainly related to Billabong’s performance and background. Please provide referencing for your history)
o Introduction
o Methodology
o Results (Findings) PUT 10 PHOTOS IN AND GIVE A SHORT ANALYSIS BELOW EACH QUESTIONS RESULTS (10 questions with circle result chart)
o Discussion/Analysis of results (Discuss why Billabong has had declining sales and profits, Discuss the role the external environment played in Billabongs downfall, Identify Billabong’s core business, Use the BCG Matrix to perform a corporate level strategy review for Billabong)
o Conclusion
o Recommendations
o Referencing
o Appendices
For your assignment you will need to do the following:
• Provide a history of Billabong to the present day. The history is mainly related to Billabong’s performance. Please provide referencing for your history. (History and overview of Billabong as an organisation)
• Discuss why Billabong has had declining sales and profits. (Discussion/Analysis of results)
• Discuss the role the external environment played in Billabongs downfall (Discussion/Analysis of results)
• Identify Billabong’s core business. (Discussion/Analysis of results)
• Use the BCG Matrix to perform a corporate level strategy review for Billabong. (Discussion/Analysis of results)
Note: Plagiarism could result in failure of the unit.

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During the nineteenth and the twentieth century, the term “nursing home” was synonymous with long-term care.

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During the nineteenth and the twentieth century, the term “nursing home” was synonymous with long-term care. Although today the exclusive use of the term “long-term care” is no longer accurate for nursing homes, it continues to remain and will not change easily. However, newer terms such as “nursing facilities” will help clarify the role of specific long-term care organizations and will differentiate them from others in the health care industry.
Subacute care is a relatively new but rapidly growing medical service in the continuum of care. Today, it is considered the fastest growing segment of the health care delivery system.
Research the online references such as EBSCOhost, SocINDEX, Cumulative Index to Nursing and Allied Health Literature (CINAHL), or PubMed for information on nursing facilities and subacute units and respond to the following questions:
• Do you agree with the change in the terminology of nursing homes to nursing facilities? Why or why not? How do the terms relate with each other?
• What impact does the historical perspective of the nursing home have on the stigma related to the quality of care?
• How were nursing facilities developed? What have been the consequences of the change in terminology? Do you think the change in terminology will impact the quality of care in the future? If yes, how? If no, why?
• What changes do you see nursing homes making in the future in order to keep up with the ever changing needs of the demographics of seniors?
• What are subacute units? How did subacute care emerge? What are the strengths and limitations of the emergence of subacute care in long-term care as related to issues in levels of patients’ acuity (various levels of nursing care based on the needs of patients)? Support your answer with relevant examples.
• What is the impact of subacute care on the cost and quality of care? Do you think subacute care needs to be an integral component of hospitals, or should it be an integral part of the long-term care system? Provide a rationale for your answer.
Based on your learning about nursing home care and subacute care, compare their funding, staffing, regulation, and marketing.

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How has a recent emphasis on safe and quality patient care

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Changes in legislation, regulations, the economic solvency of organizations, and individual socio-economic status have contributed to vast revisions of how, what, and when healthcare services are delivered. What are some legislative policies and regulatory changes that have significantly impacted nursing and healthcare service delivery? How has a recent emphasis on safe and quality patient care caused hospitals and other facilities to review their operations and nursing services?

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Financial Management

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Find the financial of a publicly traded Non-alcoholic beverage corporation view its financials: income statement, balance sheet cash flows then answer the following questions;

· What types of trends do you notice for the last 10 years

· Can you find any new items of press releases that correspond with upturns or downturns in income

· Look at the income statement:

What is the total income of the most recent year & most recent quarter?

What is the gross or net income for the most recent year from the website

· Look at the balance sheet, what are the total assets for the most recent year provided? What is the total liability?

· Look at the cash flow, what is the most recent cash flow? Is it positive of negative?

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